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Switzerland’s Cannabis Cup since 1998

CannaSwissCup 2023/24

Established in 1998, put on ice in 2006 and revived in 2017:
The CannaSwissCup – Selection of the best Swiss Cannabis sorts


CannaSwissCup 2022/23 - The Winners have been selected!

Please find here detailed information on the various sorts and their producers as well as on the winners of CannaSwissCup 2022/23!

CannaSwissCup Awardshow


CannaSwissCup - Course of Action

From January till March, the different sorts will be forwarded for analyses on the content of THC, CBD, CBG, Nicotine, Pesticide and Mycotoxine as well as for the Terpen-Analysis. Subsequently the VIP-Jury will select the best sorts - worthy to be included in the Jury-Card. The Cards can be bought exclusively at the CannaTrade 2023.

The Jury-Members get time to test the sorts out of the various categories (Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse and Hash) until 14 May 2023 and finally to vote for their preferences.

All data on the sorts involved will be made anonymous during the entire process. The results of the analyses, the naming of the sorts and their producers will be pronounced after the Awardshow by the Verein CannaSwissCup.

New: Category Hash!
Since the 1 August 2022 CBD-Hash is finally legal in Switzerland – and so from now on we will have along with the previous flower categories Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor new the category “hash”.




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